for the colder months



New Yorker offers a variety of hydronic boilers for the residential heating market- with AFUEs as high as 87.8%. Our boilers are available oil-fired water & steam. As with every New Yorker Boiler, these products are manufactured with safety, economy, and serviceability in mind.
Efficient & Economical

New Yorker has earned an enviable reputation for top-rated trouble-free performance. The boiler design, along with a boiler-powered domestic hot water tank, will maximize heat transfer for the most efficient use of fuel – saving you valuable heating dollars.


New Yorker uses only name brand controls and accessories, giving you years of comfortable, reliable heating. The boiler plate steel heat exchanger and steel turbulators are designed for maximum heat transfer efficiency.

New Yorker boilers heat up quickly, have less pick-up and stand-by loss, and match any boiler on the market for long-lasting quality.

  • New Yorker stands behind the heat exchanger with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • The steel heat exchanger is designed for easy maintenance, saving you money.
  • The heat exchanger design and construction meets the requirements of the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code – this ensures quality and safety for you.

water heaters

Abundant Domestic Hot Water

Needs will be met! There can be extensive demands for domestic (potable) hot water in both residential and commercial applications. Hydrastone-lined Link SL indirect-fired water heaters meet the needs for domestic hot water with a unique design and uncompromised reliability.

How an Indirect Water Heater Works

Indirect water heaters utilize the power and large heating capacity of a boiler to provide year-round hot water at low operating costs. Link SL water heaters have a higher recovery rate than typical direct fired or electrically operated water heaters because they utilize the large output from the boiler as the heat source.

A Diverse Offering

To meet the needs of virtually any residential or commercial application Link SL water heaters are available in five sizes: 27, 35, 50, 70 and 119. Whether it is a three-story house or a 30-story apartment building, New Yorker has the right size Link SL for virtually any application.

oil fired furnaces

Converts up to 85 percent of the fuel you pay for into heat for your home.
Variable-speed fan motor runs at slower, more efficient operating speeds that can potentially lower your monthly heating energy usage*

In the winter, the oil heating system’s variable-speed motor evenly distributes warm air to every room in your home.

In the summer, it helps keep your home cooler by reducing indoor humidity, eliminates noisy startups and shutdowns and is insulated to ensure quieter operation, and heats up quickly, quietly and efficiently with its durable combustion chamber. The burner at the heart of the oil-fired furnace provides clean, quiet and efficient combustion of fuel.