Save money by Saving time

pacific pride

The Commercial Fueling System

In keeping with our commitment to customer service at Yeager’s Fuel, we would like to introduce to you “Pacific Pride.” Pacific Pride is a national network of automated fueling stations dedicated to the control and accountability of your fleet’s fuel purchases. There are over 1500 sites throughout the U.S. and Canada.

With Pacific Pride, you can save money by saving time. You will have access to gasoline and diesel fuel from a single credit source, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pacific Pride can only be used to purchase fuel, therefore, eliminating unauthorized purchases.

Yeager's pacific pride offers:

  • Competitive Pricing and volume discounts
  • Detailed invoices mailed twice each month – itemizing the amount and type of fuel purchased, vehicle number, driver ID, location, time and date, odometer, price per gallon and even MPG
  • Site location directories – Local, State and National
  • Cards with individual PIN numbers – to provide security
  • Fuel usage reports – to help at tax time and help track fuel purchases by state, truck and product
  • Commercial vehicles only – eliminating retail lines
  • Better expense management – because cards are only good to buy fuel, unauthorized purchases will be eliminated

Yeager's pacific pride locations

We have over 50 sites in PA and many more throughout the country.

Since 1939, Yeager’s has dedicated itself to finding new and better ways of servicing our customers. With the additional services that Pacific Pride provides, we have taken this concept one step further…. If you are already enjoying the benefits of Pacific Pride or Yeager’s other services, Thank You! If not, please take the next step…